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Reconditioned Curved Stairlift

Reconditioned Curved Stairlift

From Only £2,800.00 | Reconditioned

The Curved Stairlift is built and designed by the leading British stairlift manufacturer. One of our most cost effective reconditioned quality curved stairlifts.

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Reconditioned Curved Stairlift From Only £2,800.00

The Curved Stairlift is one of our most popular reconditioned stairlifts for curved stairs. At only a fraction of the RRP, our cost effective starting price of only £2,800.00 make us one of the cheapest priced Curved Stairlift suppliers. Our low price doesn’t mean we sacrifice on service, in fact, our service and installation is of the highest quality and we are renowned as one of the best UK Independent Curved Stairlift Suppliers.

The Curved Stairlift comes fully reconditioned throughout and the stairlift rail is designed to perfectly match your stairs and requirements. We only use the latest Curved Stairlifts and they come with 1 year warranty and 24 hour call out as standard.

The Curved Stairlift is designed for types of staircases which turn or bend around a corner in your home. It can deal with a variety of staircase configurations.

It is built and designed by the leading British stairlift manufacturer and excels in reliability, adaptability, safety features and durability.

Perfect fit for any staircase: Versatile and adaptable, the Curved Stairlift can be fitted on any number of staircase type, including: Internal side, external side, 90° bend, 180° turns, quarter landings, multiple bends, fan shaped stairs, square landings, 180° wrap round starts, 360° shaped staircases, narrow and steep climbs plus many more configurations.

Reconditioned by our specialists: The Curved Stairlift is fully reconditioned throughout making it look and perform as it would new. We only use the latest models which have had little use. We replace all moving parts, upholstery, electrics, batteries, outer casing plus many other components. The stairlift then receives full service. This is all carried out by our fully qualified reconditioning specialists to the highest quality and to the latest of British safety standards.

Latest Safety Features: The Curved Stairlift has the very latest safety features including: safety stop sensors which automatically stop the stairlift if anything is blocking its path, safety belt harness, limit sensors, swivel seat locking system and electronic braking systems which control your speed up and down the stairs making every journey safe and hassle free.

Compact Design: The Curved Stairlift leaves plenty of room on the staircase thanks to its compact and slimline design. The stairlift rail is fitted by our installer to specifically leave the maximum amount of room when the Curved Stairlift is not in use.



A Floor to top of footrest 2” 50mm
B Top of footrest to top of seat 18” 460mm
C Top of seat to top of arms 10” 260mm
D Top of arms to top of seat back 10” 260mm
E Width between armrests 17” 430mm
F Overall width 25” 635mm
G Overall height 38” 960mm
H Length of arms from seat back 17” 440mm
I Length of seat base from seat back 15” 390mm
J Length of footrest 13” 340mm
K Width of footrest 12” 300mm
L Front of footrest to wall 26.5” 675mm
M Back of seat to wall 2.25” 55mm

Price & Service

config a configb configc
A) From £2800  B) From £2800  C) From £2800
configd confige configf
 D) From £2800  E) From £2800  F) From £3200
configg configh  
  G) From £3200   H) From £3200  

Our price for a fully reconditioned curved stairlift start from £2,800.00 (RRP £4,099.00). This includes any type of standard 90 degree staircase track as shown in the above examples A - E (staircases with 1 x 90 degree bend). Prices for staircases with 180 degree turns, F - H (staircases with 2 x bends) starts from: £3,200.00. If your staircase is not in the examples, please call for a price.

This price includes the following services:

Full survey of site
Fully reconditioned Curved Stairlift unit
New custom built track
Full delivery and installation
12 months full warranty cover
24 hour response service

Our current price is the cheapest in the UK for this type of high quality Curved stairlift and service.

There are no hidden costs, all we require is a 20% deposit and the rest is payable once fully installed and you are happy with the service Unicorn Stairlifts have provided.

We are based in Keighley, West Yorkshire and can install our stairlifts in most homes in the UK due to our large network of stairlift engineers.

Because we maintain high stocks at our premises, we can usually have a Curved Stairlift fully installed within 7-10 working days from site survey, which is one of the quickest in the UK for a Curved Stairlift delivery time.


88 180500

Simple to Fold Away

The Curved Stairlift can be neatly folded away after use. The arms, seat and footrest can be pushed upwards creating extra space on the stairs.

711 180500

Remote Controls

Available either wireless or wall mounted, you call and send the Curved Stairlift up and down the stairs. This is especially handy when two people are using it.

86 180500

Retractable Harness

The Curved Stairlift comes fitted with a safety belt as standard. This can be used for extra safety along the stairs.

583 180500

Lockable Key Switch

The lockable key switch enables you to deactivate the Curved Stairlift when ever needed. Some users do this when grandchildren are around, for example.

41 180500

Joystick controls

The Curved Stairlift features easy controls - just hold in the direction you wish to go. There is no need to anticipate when to let off the controls - it will automatically stop at either end.

42 180500

Seat Swivel Lever

The lever activates the rotating mechanism of the swivel seat. A lever is located on both sides of the stairlift for both left and right handed people.

89 180500

Easy To Use Swivel Seat

For access to the landing area, you can simply swivel the seat and safely step straight off. The swivel seat comes as manual as standard but can be upgraded to powered.

383 180500

Bespoke Curved Track

We can have any type of rail manufactured for staircases that feature: 90° bend, 180° turns, quarter landings, multiple bends, fan shaped stairs, square landings, 180° wrap round starts, 360° shaped staircases – external or internal side.


The Reconditioned Curved Stairlift video demonstrates how the stairlift operates. The video lasts for around 45 seconds. Enjoy.

"Highy recommended stairlift company, great service overall. Came out and installed stairlift fast when we needed it. Thank you" - Mrs Sarah Yorath, Leeds, West Yorkshire
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