Stairlift Myth No 4: “Stairlifts won’t stop when an unexpected obstruction occurs”

Stairlift Safety Sensors2

Modern day stairlifts are fitted with many safety features designed to protect the user and non-users within the household.

An obstruction whilst travelling along the stairs is unlikely but possible.

Clearly visible obstructions such as a walking stick which has been left on the stairs would usually be removed before getting on to the stairlift. However, unexpected obstructions such as a pet or small child running in front of the stairlift whilst it’s in motion is a major concern to some customers.

For these occasions, modern day stairlifts are fitted with pressure sensitive plates as standard. These pressure sensitive plates are fitted to areas of the stairlift which are most likely to come in to contact with any potential hazard. Once activated, the stairlift will automatically stop enabling the user to safely free the obstruction.


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