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Older People Stay Home To Avoid Icy Pavement Hazards

Older People Stay Home To Avoid Icy Pavement Hazards

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Icy pavements are the main worry which discourages older people from walking outside, pedestrian campaign charity Living Streets says today (29 January 2015).


In a recent YouGov poll commissioned by Living Streets, 57 per cent of people aged 65 and over said icy pavements discouraged them from walking outside the most, above potholes, broken pavements or people driving too quickly. With arctic temperatures and snow forecast for most of the UK in the next few days, the needs of older and more vulnerable pedestrians must be a priority for local authorities and the public, says the charity.

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Living Streets’ Chief Executive, Joe Irvin, said:


‘Not being able to get out and about can be extremely isolating for older people, so ensuring key routes to shops and essential services are well-gritted is vital.

We know that being about to get out and about on foot safely is extremely important to older people, for their health and wellbeing and for social reasons. This is especially so in winter weather conditions. We know local councils are under budgetary pressure, but many provide grit bins and are joining our call to encourage the public to pledge to be Snow Angels, to clear snowy and icy pathways and look out for our more vulnerable neighbours.’


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