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Help! What is an DC Powered Stairlift?

Help! What is an DC Powered Stairlift?

DC stands for Direct Current. DC powered stairlifts use highly durable rechargeable batteries to move the stairlift up and down the stairs.

The batteries travel with the stairlift and are contained within the carriage just below where the user would sit. The stairlift track contains the charge for the batteries and this is powered by an adapter which is simply plugged in to a power point. The most common means of charge is to have 2 x charge points located in the same place as where the stairlift would be parked after use (parking points). The stairlift batteries are then automatically charged at the end of every trip. Some models also come with a continuous charge so no matter where it’s left the stairlift will still be on charge.

Because DC powered stairlifts are so durable and reliable they can usually travel up and down the stairs around 15-20 times before they require to be charged. The majority of today’s stairlifts are battery powered and there is good reason for this.

Batteries inside stairlift

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