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Curved Stairlift Installation, Alwoodley, Leeds | Examples of our work

Curved Stairlift Installation, Alwoodley, Leeds | Examples of our work

This stairlift installation is a rental curved stairlift recently installed in Alwoodley, Leeds.

This particular staircase features 4 steps up to 3 fan-shaped steps that turn at 90° followed by 5 more straight steps to the landing area. This is a 90° curved staircase.


Pictures taken before installation (you can click each picture to enlarge)….

Clearing distance for curved stairlift at bottom 24 inches2curved fan shaped steps leeds stairlift2curved stairlift no space at top swivel seat290 degree shape curved staircase leeds2



And here are the results completed by our curved stairlift installation team (you can click each picture to enlarge)….

Rental Curved Stairlift leeds 613x1024Curved stairlift side profile leeds 613x1024Curved Stairlift Rental Leeds2curved stairlift leeds bendCurved Stairlift Hire Leeds2Can you rent a Curved Stairlift leeds2


The curved stairlift was installed on the external side (right hand side looking up the staircase). The bespoke curved track starts in the available space against the wall at the bottom. The track then goes up 4 steps at a of climb of 42.7° to a 90° middle curve section, followed by  another straight section that stops level with landing enabling the stairlift to swivel safely.

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"Highy recommended stairlift company, great service overall. Came out and installed stairlift fast when we needed it. Thank you" - Mrs Sarah Yorath, Leeds, West Yorkshire
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